Wednesday, March 7, 2012

One Favorite Memory! And some good news!

Hey Dear Friends!

I want to start this off by sharing some amazing news. We have recently found out that we are going to have another baby. We are so excited. Please keep us in your prayers. We are full of faith. We know this baby has a great destiny to live out. I love having kids and I cannot wait to have this next little one in my arms.

Our families have been so instrumental in us being here. They have supported us through and through. We are so grateful for the prayers of Shay's mom and dad. They have been behind us the whole time. Their faith has been such an example to us of what faith really is. Johnny and Melissa were here just after Selah died. Thank God that the timing was that good. My mom, sister and aunt keep sending the girls goodies and cards. We have amazing family. Our lives are so blessed by you all.

My life was forever changed when I was 11 years old. My 2nd cousin, David, was in the hospital in Dallas, TX. My papa knew that David was on his death bed and he could be gone at any moment. My papa invited me to go with him on the 4 hr drive to Dallas, which would only be 3 hrs if he didn't drive so slow. I without any hesitation wanted to go. I thought all we were doing was going to say goodbye to David. I was wrong.

We talked about everything from horses to the 1st and only time my papa played golf. He shot an 88. Let it be known that my papa is still one of my favorite people to talk to. We then made the stop at Braums to get that very needed burger. I never thought to ask him the full reason of us making this drive. We, of course, got into terrible Dallas traffic. I noticed that my papa's urgency to get there had only risen. He was more frustrated with the traffic than usual. He is the most patient man I know so this was quite weird to me. I realized that this was a very important trip.

Finally we got to the hospital. This hospital was huge. It felt as if we were never going to get to Davids room. We eventually found the room and inside was David. I didn't think he looked to bad for being on his deathbed. We small talked with him for a bit. He asked me questions about my playing basketball and my family. He was always a very nice guy to me. Then with no hesitation the real reason of the trip came out. My papa, with full boldness, looked at David and said, "David, do you know the Lord Jesus as your savior?" I was instantly amazed by the love that my papa had for his family. I knew that he would have driven to the Pacific Ocean if that would have been where David was. I was taken back. I will never forget the love that was slung from my papa's heart strait into David's life. It was the love of Jesus. My papa had the love of Jesus to give David.

David said that he had given his life to Jesus in his earlier years. They discussed this for a little while. We stayed and talked to David for a bit and then papa prayed for him. We then said good bye and were on our way. We began the journey back. My papa had a smile on his face. I knew he had been obedient to what the Lord had told him what to do. He has always been a man who would give his life for his family. He has told all of his family about the Lord. Not one of theirs ears has not heard my papa's voice share the gospel with them. He speaks and lives it.  He is man that is respected among generations before and after him.

Soon after this trip, David died. My papa made sure that David was going to see Jesus. My papa is one of the reasons I do what I do. I will never forget this time of the gospel being preached and the impact it had on me. I want my kids to always see this side of me. The gospel must be spoken and heard no matter what.

My papa is still alive but I wanted to share this story that is so vital for me being were I am and doing what I do.

I love to tell the lost about the love of Christ. I pray for 2 of my friends all of the time. One of them told me that it would take a lobotomy for him to believe in a God or a Jesus. He doesn't know what I know. A simple encounter with Jesus will do it all. Keep praying for you lost friends. I believe my friends will one day believe.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog.

Blake, Shay, Shi and Arrow