Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Update on support and Hawaii!

Hey Everyone!

Shannon and I want to give all of you an update on whats happening. We are very excited about joining the leadership team for Fire and Fragrence Ywam starting October 3rd! However, we still need the support to get there! We need $2000 monthly which includes living exspences for all of us, health insurance and Shiloh's schooling. So far, some of our closest friends and family have committed $600 a month! Amazing and encouraging, we know we are on the right track. We still need $1400 a month. We are simply asking you to take a moment and ask the Lord if He wants you to be apart of advancing the kingdom with us. If you feel a Yes! please let us know immediately!  You can give through PayPal or by check(PayPal is easier). Please continue to pray and believe with us that the support will come and we will be there in two and a half weeks! We love you all.

Thank you!

Blake, Shay, Shiloh and Arrow

Make checks payable to:
Blake Casteel
3170  Heathstead Pl.
Charlotte, NC 28210