Monday, August 22, 2011

Never Giving Up!

Good day to all of you!

I woke up this morning with arrow quite ealrier than I would have liked. I started the coffee, first things first, and proceeded on to making a bowl of a very special treat, Lucky Charms. Our kids would be the most obedient kids ever if we would use Lucky Charms as a reward for it, but we will stick to the rod when needed. We finished our breakfast and I quickly realized that Arrow was not going to sit still while I tried to watch the Top 10 plays of yesterday. Neither was the Lord. So we went for a drive.

Evertime Arrow gets in the car she wants to listen to Uncle Johnny. Uncle Johnny is my brother in Law who is a worshipper who just so happens to make Arrows favorite songs. She sits and listens everytime. She loves the song "Never Giving Up". Shannon and I both know that He never gives up. We are very grateful that He never does, but I sometimes do.

We returned home and Arrow and I decided to go downstairs and play with Barbie Dolls and cars. I was reminded that Shannon had a dream not to long ago that this baby that she is pregnant with was a boy and he was going to be a Joshua. This clearly is not taken literally because we are having another girl. I soon picked up my Bible and read Joshua 1:9. I quickly realized that I am so often afraid and discouraged but in this scipture He commanded Joshua to be strong and of good courage and He will always be with him wherever he goes. What an amazing promise.

The reason I am saying all of this is because there are seasons that are rough. There are seasons where there is a pruning in process. There are seasons where we are faithless beings wondering what we are doing. But there are never seasons where He has given up on us or left us. We are the ones who put distance between us and the Lord. We are the ones who give up. We are the ones who must realize that He is really always with us wherever we may go.

We are still going to Hawaii. The timing has changed. We will not be going back until October 1st. We have received pledges that total $500 dollars a month. We are needing $2000 a month. We must be able to let YWAM know that we have this before we return. If the Lord has put it on your heart to partner with us in this adventure, please let us know soon. Thank you to all of you who have sown into us.



Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Our New Blog/Support Letter!

Hello Everyone!

This is the support letter that Shannon wrote last week. We sent it out via email but we wanted to make sure everyone could see it. Thanks for reading and please pray about what you could do. Thank you so much!

The Support Letter!

I found myself weeping, singing in the loudest voice I could muster through the tears, "Pour us out into the world, pour us out into the world." I remembered when I was sitting in a small lunch hall with 12 other interns listening to Lou Engle telling us that if we hear a song, read a book or watch a movie and it overtakes us in our beings, then it is a part of who we are, in our DNA. I sit and reread the words I have written in my journal, "Come fly, come soar, come away with me, I want to give you more!" My heart feels the faithfulness of Jesus.
Funny thing is, this is supposed to be a support letter. I look over and find a piece of paper that someone in France gave to me. It reads, Job 22:21-30, "You will pray to Him and He will hear you… What you decide on will be done and light will shine on your ways."
Many of you know that Blake and I, Shiloh and Arrow took a crazy leap of faith into missionary training in January. We sold or gave away what we couldn’t take with us in response to the Lord simply saying to us, "GO!" The past few months we have been spending time with family and praying that the Lord would make clear the next step of our journey.
One of the school leaders in Hawaii said, "Sometimes God does not call you to a place, He calls you to a people". We feel for the next year God is calling us to return to Hawaii and run with the amazing family He has given us there. We have been invited to do the one year leadership track and staff the next Fire and Fragrance school. We will be discipling and leading teams of students while continuing to be discipled and trained by some of the most solid, Godly men and women we have ever met. We feel incredibly honored to be summoned by Jesus to continue on this journey. We are required to raise monthly support and are asking you to pray! Pray that the Lord would have you sow into our family as we sow into young people who will be changing the world!
$875 a month covers our families living and eating expenses on base. Shiloh’s school starts September 12th
 and is $125 a month. We must all have health insurance and, of course, general monthly expenses. We are believing for $2000 a month. We know that supporting a family sounds overwhelming but maybe instead of eating out, send us the money instead! This is a huge step of faith for us and we know it is for you as well! We will be leaving in 4 weeks depending on responses! We cannot wait to hear from you all. Thank you for loving our family and keeping us in your prayers. Please let us know if you are making a one time gift or will be continuing with monthly support. Any amount will be great. You can give at our blog ( or you can mail a check to:
Blake and Shannon Casteel
3170 Heathstead Pl.
Charlotte, NC 28210