Sunday, May 8, 2011

An Update from the Casteels!

Hello to all of you!

I am so glad to say that my wife is the most incredible mother ever! Shiloh, Arrow and the new life being formed inside of Shannon are so blessed to have her as a mother! I love my wife in ways I never knew I could love. What a great day for a mothers day. I know our children will always look back and know that their childhood was filled with joy simply because Shannon has loved our girls as Christ loves us. So I honor you Shannon as an amazing woman of God, an amazing wife and, of course, an amazing mother. You love like only you can! What a joy you are.

We are still here in the South of France. Things are going well. We have been able to spend a good amount of time with a local gypsy family. They is a 14 year old boy, in the family, that I have become close with. His name is Darius. I was able to teach him how to keep a beat on a drum. He loved it. We have one more day with them this week. Please pray that I would be able to get some good time with Darius and share more with him about Christ. It would be great to even disciple him more.

This last time was the first time that Shannon has been able to spend time with the gypsies. There are three young girls in the family. They all absolutely loved Shay and the girls. Shannon braided Jasmines hair. Jasmine began to ask questions about Jesus and they discussed good and evil. Jasmine told Shannon that she liked talking about Jesus with her. Pray that this conversation will continue this coming wednesday.

We have a new friend in a local boy named Francois. He is the neighbor of Dudley and Janet. Dudley and Janet are the local YWAM leaders. He has gotten saved since we have been here. He is incredible. I have been able to spend a good amount of time with him. He has an unbelievable calling on his life. It is incredible to be a part of the process with him. Please be praying for him.

Yesterday we were a part of a March for Jesus! It was an incredible experience. We were walking through the local city proclaiming Jesus as our savior and the only way. It was so awesome. We were mocked in ways that I never knew I could endure. There were a 150 of us. If there is ever a March for Jesus in your area, do it! Even if you are an athiest, do it. It will make you a believer.

We are here in France for 1 more week. Please pray that the fullness will take place. We want to see Jesus do all he wants to do while we are here.

Shannon and I are grateful for all of you. I will make sure to write another blog very soon.

Much Love,
Blake, Shannon, Shiloh and Arrow