Saturday, April 9, 2011

First Week In France!

Bonjour, comment allez vous?

Just a lil French for all of you. We hope you are all well! Things are going great here in the South of France. We are in a medium size city called Ales. It is quite an interesting city. It is easy going and very laid back. It is a very "whatever happens, happens" city. Only 3% of France professes to be christians. We are praying that the Lord would use us to help in bringing this percentage up.

We spent some time with local Romanian gypsies the other day. They have just been given a small apartment by the French government because the father has become ill. There are 14 people living in this apartment. I made a connection with the 14 year old son. He was very intrigued by my tattoos. He asked me to draw him a tattoo. I did what I could. There was nothing good about my drawing except the fact that he loved it. I also gave him an American dollar bill. He had no idea what is was. He told the translator that he was going to keep it the rest of his life. Please being praying for him. His name is Darius.

We also had some time with the local homeless. It was incredible. They were drawn to us in an incredible way. The local YWAM leaders said there was a shift in the way they were all acting. They wanted to know everything about us. We are going back next wednesday. I actually had a dream about a couple of these guys that night and they were running in the streets with a joy they had never experienced. I am believing that these guys will be saved. Not 1 person we have talked to, other than Darius and some of his family, has believed in God but they still want to here what we think about Him.

We are stepping into an incredible  place of worship and in that our intercession is becoming more effective. We have to believe that things are going to change in this city and in this country. Jesus has to be known here. It is so much different than America. I have only seen 1 christian church.

Please continue to pray for us and our team. We are believing for the most for this outreach. Please pray that hearts would be opened up for the Lord to do what only He can. We want everything we do to be for the glory of the Lord.

I will write again soon. I know there will be greater things to tell next time.

We love you all.

Blake, Shannon, Shiloh and Arrow