Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Update on the Casteels!

Good Day!

I Hope you are all well! We are doing fantastic, kinda! We are packing. Is packing ever fun? We are getting all of our things ready for storage and travel. Shannon is a cleaning out machine. She is having a hard time getting rid of some things, so be praying for her(I am not being totally serious. But if you know Shannon, I am being completely serious!)

We leave this coming Tuesday! Oh man! We are excited. This is the 1st time that I will be out of the U.S.A. We are pumped about France. Yesterday, we had the privilege of having Joe and Judy Portale come share with our team and pray for us. They have been missionaries to France and the french speaking world for 40 yrs. We know we are going into a place that has been sown in and the time for harvest is coming! We are the workers of this harvest.

We want to also let you know that we have been invited by the leadership of Fire and Fragrance to staff the upcoming Circuit Riders school that starts July 7th. This is a 5 week school that focuses on going and establishing Christ-centered communities around the world that live out the 1st and 2nd commandments. This is our heart, to love Christ and to love those who we encounter. You can read more about circuit riders at

We love you all and we just wanted to give all of you a quick update.

Blake, Shannon, Shiloh and Arrow!


  1. Can't part with it---- ship it home! Or ship it to my garage... I am storing stuff for someone in Oregon...someone else who moved someplace else.... and somebody I don't know where she is exactly now. Would fit in JUST fine! Sorry, I can't help you pray to get rid of things, I can only offer you a way out of getting rid of things. God knows our hearts and that certain things are precious to us, Shannon. Only requirement is that if you ship me a box to store in my garage you have to include a box of chocolate covered macadamia nuts in it. They have special sentimental significance from our honeymoon there and I request a box from anyone coming and going from Hawaii whenever possible. Love you guys. Praying for you all! Amy
    PS. Shhh! Don't tell my husband I told you you could store stuff in my garage. I always sneak stuff in there when he isn't looking:)

  2. The "real" Robert here. To my wife, I say "Busted!" To the Casteel clan I say "Happy packing. Two boxes of chocolate covered macadamias, and it's a deal. " I eat mine in, like, one day. Amy eats them over a year until the last ones in the box are white and crumbly. Two boxes, and mail those boxes our way! Also, for the record, the Portellos rock, and staffing the circuit riders school is so up your alley. God's opening the doors to impact the nations in so many ways!! -RR