Monday, March 21, 2011

Jesus said, "GO!"

Hello Friends!

We are excited to let all of you know that we have raised the money for our outreach! We are going to France and Amsterdam(or as Shiloh calls it "Hamsterdam"). Thank you! God is good and faithful. He has directed our footsteps. We would not be going if you did not believe in us! It is great to know that we are believed in by our friends and family and even some who we do not know.

We cannot imagine what the Lord is going to do in these places through our team. We are linking up with people who have been sowing into these places for years. We are just a piece of the puzzle for these nations and cities to encounter revival and reformation. Our team carries these things, Trust Me!

Dan Baumann said in our class today, "Having faith is good, but having Jesus is better!" What an incredible quote. Shannon and I looked at each other in encouragement. We know we walk in incredible faith but we wanna walk, even more so, in incredible, beautiful Jesus! Our faith could change peoples lives(our own), but Jesus can change everything. We must have more of Jesus.

We leave in 8 days! Oh my goodness! Please keep us in your prayers. We need it. 24 hrs of flights with a 17 month old requires a supernatural amount of grace. Please pray for this grace for us as if your life depended on it! I'm joking but I am absolutely not joking!

We haven't had any fun questions lately so feel free to ask.

We love you all.

Blake, Shannon, Shiloh and Arrow

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