Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Update on the Casteels!

Good Day!

I Hope you are all well! We are doing fantastic, kinda! We are packing. Is packing ever fun? We are getting all of our things ready for storage and travel. Shannon is a cleaning out machine. She is having a hard time getting rid of some things, so be praying for her(I am not being totally serious. But if you know Shannon, I am being completely serious!)

We leave this coming Tuesday! Oh man! We are excited. This is the 1st time that I will be out of the U.S.A. We are pumped about France. Yesterday, we had the privilege of having Joe and Judy Portale come share with our team and pray for us. They have been missionaries to France and the french speaking world for 40 yrs. We know we are going into a place that has been sown in and the time for harvest is coming! We are the workers of this harvest.

We want to also let you know that we have been invited by the leadership of Fire and Fragrance to staff the upcoming Circuit Riders school that starts July 7th. This is a 5 week school that focuses on going and establishing Christ-centered communities around the world that live out the 1st and 2nd commandments. This is our heart, to love Christ and to love those who we encounter. You can read more about circuit riders at

We love you all and we just wanted to give all of you a quick update.

Blake, Shannon, Shiloh and Arrow!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Jesus said, "GO!"

Hello Friends!

We are excited to let all of you know that we have raised the money for our outreach! We are going to France and Amsterdam(or as Shiloh calls it "Hamsterdam"). Thank you! God is good and faithful. He has directed our footsteps. We would not be going if you did not believe in us! It is great to know that we are believed in by our friends and family and even some who we do not know.

We cannot imagine what the Lord is going to do in these places through our team. We are linking up with people who have been sowing into these places for years. We are just a piece of the puzzle for these nations and cities to encounter revival and reformation. Our team carries these things, Trust Me!

Dan Baumann said in our class today, "Having faith is good, but having Jesus is better!" What an incredible quote. Shannon and I looked at each other in encouragement. We know we walk in incredible faith but we wanna walk, even more so, in incredible, beautiful Jesus! Our faith could change peoples lives(our own), but Jesus can change everything. We must have more of Jesus.

We leave in 8 days! Oh my goodness! Please keep us in your prayers. We need it. 24 hrs of flights with a 17 month old requires a supernatural amount of grace. Please pray for this grace for us as if your life depended on it! I'm joking but I am absolutely not joking!

We haven't had any fun questions lately so feel free to ask.

We love you all.

Blake, Shannon, Shiloh and Arrow

Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Casteel Adventure Update!

Aloha Everyone!

We hope you are all doing well! We are truly doing incredible. The Lord is so good to me and my family. We are excited for the things to come.

We leave for France and Amsterdam on March 29th and arrive in Paris on the 31st of March! Don't even ask me about the time jump. Lord knows I know nothing about it. Shiloh still thinks that Amsterdam is pronounced Hamsterdam. It is to funny to correct right now. We will do so before we leave.

Our team is so incredible. We are really becoming a family. We all love each other and support each other in every way. Since we have been here, our team alone has given us $1,250. Our team is 8 other students and 2 leaders. Some of them gave to us even when they were still in need of money. These people long to see us in France and Amsterdam with them. We believe revival and reformation for the church will be released by the lives of our team. Not to mention salvation and discipleship for the lost and broken.

The deadline for all of our outreach money to be in is today March 11th. We are so faith filled. We know the Lord will provide all we need. We ask all things in His name(Jn 15:16).

We do want to ask again if you would pray about partnering with us financially. We still need $3,500 by 3pm Hawaii time, 8pm eastern time and 7pm central time. This would be the end of what we owe for this 6 months of YWAM training and outreach. We are sending out this one last attempt through our blog. We don't know how the Lord will provide, but we know He will.

You will be hearing back from us soon concerning the good news about the Lord coming through for us. He will come through.

We love you all.

Blake, Shannon, Shiloh and Arrow

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Another Update of Goodness!

Hey My Friends!

We hope you are all doing well. Things are going great here. We only have 4 weeks left of our lecture phase and then we are off to France and The Netherlands. We are stoked! Our team is so incredible. We are truly becoming a family. We are ready to take revival and reformation to Europe. We believe our team is a piece of the puzzle for this to happen.

We just found out yesterday some things that we will be doing while in France. Our team will be leading and participating in the following things: leading worship and intercession at local churches, working with the local gypsy community, having dinners open to community, teaching English in local schools, street evangelism/ treasure hunts and other things that we don't know yet. We are really focusing on what has already been started there and helping further their strategy. We are excited. We will have more details on the Netherlands soon. We are leaving on March 30th.

We also found out yesterday that we still need about $3,500. For this outreach, we have raised around $9,500. Total outreach is just under $13,000. We know this is a lot, but it costs more for a family. The Lord has blessed us so much. We had a random giving day, a month ago, in our class and fellow students gave us over $2,000. Also, our outreach leaders came up to us 3 weeks ago and told us about an anonymous $2,500 that was put in our Ywam account. Plus many other blessings from friends and family back home. The Lord is good.

Please pray and ask the Lord if you can sow into our lives and ministry for this season. We have also been sowing into other lives and ministries. The Lord blesses us because we long to bless others. We will always live by this. The Lord is in control of everything in our lives!

Also, you guys did ask some questions a couple of weeks ago but I would love some more.

I will write another blog soon about what we have been learning. It's Awesome!

Be Blessed!

Sincerely and in LOVE!

Blake, Shannon, Shiloh and Arrow
A.K.A. The Casteel Adventures