Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Update of Goodness!

Hey Everyone,

We hope you are all doing well. We are doing so great. The Lord is literally changing every aspect of our lives from world views to simple biblical truths. We are forever changed from even the 6 weeks we have been here.

The girls are doing so awesome. Shiloh is growing up so well. I hurt my ankle last night playing basketball with the locals and Shiloh was very concerned. She insisted on staying home with me to take care of me while Shay went to the prayer set. It was so amazing for my fathers heart. We sat and watched movies and she made popcorn for the first time all by herself. She felt so grown up. She is so awesome. I love it when she feels so good about things like that.

Arrow is getting so big. She has gotten super tan since we have been here. She is running everywhere. I mean she is all over the place.

Shay and I are doing very well. Our marriage has taken off. We are falling more in love than ever. We have had about 5 dates since being here. The girls here love our kids and want to babysit all of the time. Our dates consist of eating dinner here and then having coffee on the beach and praying about what the Lord wants in our lives. It is amazing. My wife is incredible.

Also, Our outreach to Europe is almost fully paid for. We have had 2 anonymous payments into our YWAM account and several students have blessed us tremendously with finances. You all have had a major part in this as well. We have felt so much love from people and the Lord in our finances. It is so unbelievable. We have a couple more weeks before we need to have all the money in. God is good and our trust is in Him.

We are having revival in our hearts and we are going to take it to the body and then the world. We long for reformation of the heart for all believers and those who are going to be believers. It is vital for us to look only to Christ for this. He longs for this reformation to take place in all of our hearts first. Please look for the podcasts of our class on itunes. I believe they are under Fire and Fragrance Kona. They are all free and you can learn what we are learning and hear what we are hearing.

We love you guys and please continue praying for us.

Blessings to you all,
The Casteels

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