Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Q and A with the Casteels!

Hello Everyone,

I am so happy to hear your feedback. I am in agreement that you all need to hear more about the everyday things we are doing and things we love here. So i'm not going to waste anymore time. These are questions that were suggested by our dear friend Robert Rummage! YAY Robert! Here it goes!

1)Favorite Hawaiian destination?
  - South Point Cliff Jumping. Seriously, it is our favorite. Also, any avocado tree!!!
2)Shiloh's favorite past time?
  -The plane ride here!(Shi's exact words) Her least favorite is walking uphill.
3)How many nationalities on campus? In your DTS? In your apartment complex?

  -15 on campus. 10 in our DTS. 5 in building.
4)The native Hawaiian flower you like best?

5)DTS speaker you've gotten the most out of? (Explain)

  -Brian Brennt. He is super real and in your face. He comes at you with a straight forward, sincere heart that truly                 penetrates your being. He is super Biblical as well.
6)Thing you miss the most from the mainland?

  -We miss the family and a good ol' occasional, greasy burger from 5 Guys!
7)Arrow's sleeping habits?

  -They suck.
8)What's God saying about your upcoming outreach to Europe? Dreams? Scriptures?

  -He is absolutely providing for every bit of it. Shay had a dream that she was carrying golden leaves to the nations. These leaves are talked about in Rev. 22:2. They are used to heal the nations. It is a sweet dream!!! We are carriers of the gospel. The Great Commission will always be our passage(Mk 16:15-18) 
9)Any new tattoos?
  -No new tattoos will be coming anytime soon.
10)Any other random factoid we need to know?

  -Blake has already made some incredible new best friends and is running more than he has in the last 3 yrs. Shay can walk for 3 miles straight with both the girls. Also, she receiving incredible daily encouragement. Shiloh also has incredible new friends and expects her coffee to be on the table every morning. Arrow has become super feisty and super funny. The girls are growing so close with each other. That has been amazing to watch. Both of the girls are huge hits on this campus. People, literally, know us by our fruit(children). 

There you have it. If you have any other Q's, just let us know and we will be happy to answer. We love you all.

The Casteels


  1. Love it!!! You guys are going to be in great shape by the time you leave the island and ready to hit the streets of Europe where they walk everywhere also! Glad your whole family is getting so much out of this experience and its only the beginning! Now for Amy's Q and A:

    1. How many different kinds of meetings do you go to in a week?
    2. What does Shiloh do in pre-school?
    3. What are the prayer meetings like?
    4. What are the weekly topics you have covered so far? (ie Father heart of God etc.)
    5. Do you go as a family to all the stuff or who goes where?
    Random factoid: Rachel is reading the Fire and Fragrance book right now that tells the history of the movt. you are in. Getting rocked by it. Could you recommend how other people could order or get a hold of said book? The F and F DTS in Harrisburg, PA gave it to us last fall when we visited them.
    PS. Maybe you could have a raffle, auction or something for a F and F book on facebook in a humorous way that would help raise funds:)

  2. wow guys. this is so so great!!! I almost started crying reading it. then I realized WAIT! I'll be seeing them in a few short days! I cant wait to be with y'all again!