Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Update of Goodness!

Hey Everyone,

We hope you are all doing well. We are doing so great. The Lord is literally changing every aspect of our lives from world views to simple biblical truths. We are forever changed from even the 6 weeks we have been here.

The girls are doing so awesome. Shiloh is growing up so well. I hurt my ankle last night playing basketball with the locals and Shiloh was very concerned. She insisted on staying home with me to take care of me while Shay went to the prayer set. It was so amazing for my fathers heart. We sat and watched movies and she made popcorn for the first time all by herself. She felt so grown up. She is so awesome. I love it when she feels so good about things like that.

Arrow is getting so big. She has gotten super tan since we have been here. She is running everywhere. I mean she is all over the place.

Shay and I are doing very well. Our marriage has taken off. We are falling more in love than ever. We have had about 5 dates since being here. The girls here love our kids and want to babysit all of the time. Our dates consist of eating dinner here and then having coffee on the beach and praying about what the Lord wants in our lives. It is amazing. My wife is incredible.

Also, Our outreach to Europe is almost fully paid for. We have had 2 anonymous payments into our YWAM account and several students have blessed us tremendously with finances. You all have had a major part in this as well. We have felt so much love from people and the Lord in our finances. It is so unbelievable. We have a couple more weeks before we need to have all the money in. God is good and our trust is in Him.

We are having revival in our hearts and we are going to take it to the body and then the world. We long for reformation of the heart for all believers and those who are going to be believers. It is vital for us to look only to Christ for this. He longs for this reformation to take place in all of our hearts first. Please look for the podcasts of our class on itunes. I believe they are under Fire and Fragrance Kona. They are all free and you can learn what we are learning and hear what we are hearing.

We love you guys and please continue praying for us.

Blessings to you all,
The Casteels

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

More Q and A with the Casteels!

Hello Again,

We are so happy to announce that we have been asked more questions and desire to answer them. We applaud the Rummage Family for pulling these answers out of us. So, thanks to the Rummage family, here we go!!!!!

1. How many different kinds of meetings do you go to in a week?
-We attend 1 morning class(9-12) and 1 afternoon prayer set(1-3) each day. Then Shay and I switch off for work duty(3-5) in The Mauka Theater every day. Also, we have Thursday night O'hana meeting.

2. What does Shiloh do in pre-school?
-Right now she is learning how to hear the voice of God. This is the first thing they teach the Foundation School students. Aside from that, she is learning the alphabet, numbers and all the important kindergarden things.

3. What are the prayer meetings like? 
-They are getting much better. They are becoming more vital and much easier to press in. The first hour is worship and the second is the mixture of intercession and worship. Unfortunately, this is a vital nap time for arrow so one of us usually misses half of the prayer set.

4. What are the weekly topics you have covered so far? (ie Father heart of God etc.)
-!st week: Revival of the heart and it leading to to Reformation of the heart, church and the world(there is a lot more to this but this is nutshell!) 2nd week: The Holy Spirit and being and heir/son of God. 3rd week: Laying everything at the cross and being willing to serve Jesus when we have nothing. Loren Cunningham spoke on this and it was truly amazing!!! 4th week: Freedom from strongholds and forgiveness. This was my favorite week yet. I was set free of things I had no idea were existent in my life. This(5th) week: Taking on a Biblical world view. I think this week will end up being my favorite if it keeps going like it is. So much knowledge and truth.

5. Do you go as a family to all the stuff or who goes where?
-Shiloh is in school from 8-2:45. Shay and I go to morning classes together while Arrow takes a nap. Shay is usually able to stay in the class the whole time.

I love the questions. Please keep asking.

Please continue to pray for us. We are still adjusting to the everyday life here in Kona. Shiloh is really missing our families. Please pray for the Lord to give her peace and a assurance that she will see all of them again. She is 5 so she doesn't always understand why we are here or how long we will be here.

Also, thank you all for the financial support. We are truly grateful for what you have blessed us with. We still need about $5,000 for our total outreach. Europe is pricey. If you would like to become a monthly supporter, let me know and i will give you the address to mail a payment so it will be tax exempt. 

Please ask us more questions. Maybe one day I will teach Shay about computers so she can answer the questions without me having to type for her(ha ha). 

Bless you all,
Blake, Shay, Shiloh and Arrow

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Q and A with the Casteels!

Hello Everyone,

I am so happy to hear your feedback. I am in agreement that you all need to hear more about the everyday things we are doing and things we love here. So i'm not going to waste anymore time. These are questions that were suggested by our dear friend Robert Rummage! YAY Robert! Here it goes!

1)Favorite Hawaiian destination?
  - South Point Cliff Jumping. Seriously, it is our favorite. Also, any avocado tree!!!
2)Shiloh's favorite past time?
  -The plane ride here!(Shi's exact words) Her least favorite is walking uphill.
3)How many nationalities on campus? In your DTS? In your apartment complex?

  -15 on campus. 10 in our DTS. 5 in building.
4)The native Hawaiian flower you like best?

5)DTS speaker you've gotten the most out of? (Explain)

  -Brian Brennt. He is super real and in your face. He comes at you with a straight forward, sincere heart that truly                 penetrates your being. He is super Biblical as well.
6)Thing you miss the most from the mainland?

  -We miss the family and a good ol' occasional, greasy burger from 5 Guys!
7)Arrow's sleeping habits?

  -They suck.
8)What's God saying about your upcoming outreach to Europe? Dreams? Scriptures?

  -He is absolutely providing for every bit of it. Shay had a dream that she was carrying golden leaves to the nations. These leaves are talked about in Rev. 22:2. They are used to heal the nations. It is a sweet dream!!! We are carriers of the gospel. The Great Commission will always be our passage(Mk 16:15-18) 
9)Any new tattoos?
  -No new tattoos will be coming anytime soon.
10)Any other random factoid we need to know?

  -Blake has already made some incredible new best friends and is running more than he has in the last 3 yrs. Shay can walk for 3 miles straight with both the girls. Also, she receiving incredible daily encouragement. Shiloh also has incredible new friends and expects her coffee to be on the table every morning. Arrow has become super feisty and super funny. The girls are growing so close with each other. That has been amazing to watch. Both of the girls are huge hits on this campus. People, literally, know us by our fruit(children). 

There you have it. If you have any other Q's, just let us know and we will be happy to answer. We love you all.

The Casteels

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Faith, Faith and a lot more Faith!

When Jesus saw their faith, He said to the paralytic "Son, your sins are forgiven you."(Mk 2:5)
This man was healed by the faith of these 4 men. This man didn't even do anything except literally just lay there and be lowered in. These 4 men were the catapult for the paralytics life being changed by Jesus. Not only was this man healed but his sins were forgiven. I want the faith that these 4 men had to see miracles this day and age.

And He said to her, "Daughter, your faith has made you well. Go in peace. Your suffering is over."(Mk 5:34) This woman's faith is brilliant. She fought for her healing. She knew that the very clothing that Jesus was wearing had His power in it to end her suffering. I believe that Jesus turned to her and was truly proud of this remarkable act of faith. I want to take such incredible actions of faith.

Then Jesus said to him, "Go your way, your faith has made you well." And immediately he received his sight and followed Jesus on the road.(Mk 10:52) This man was Bartimaeus. He heard that Jesus was coming and began saying, "Son of David, have mercy on me." Bartimaeus was told to be quiet by others yet he continued on shouting "Son of David, have mercy on me." Because of his being persistent Jesus summoned him. Bartimaeus wanted to see the Son of David. He then saw the Son of David. What an amazing first sight.

Shannon and I want this faith. I want my eyes to be opened in such faith that the first thing I see is the face of Jesus just like Bartimaeus. I want the faith of the woman who contended for healing. I want to be aggressive against the enemy and touch the man Christ Himself. I want to have the faith of the 4 men and lower my family, friends and the lost before Jesus so their lives may be changed. We have to walk in this powerful faith that will literally penetrate the forces that are set up against our lives.

We will not settle for anything less than this Biblical faith.

We are leaving for Europe in 2 mo. We still need finances by this Thursday for the downpayment for our trip. We know that the Lord is going to provide all of our needs. We are not beggars, we are sons and daughters of God.

We love all you guys. I would love to hear what you all think about the blog.

Blake, Shay, Shiloh and Arrow Casteel